is this worth it//I Don't Live For Them

Hudson Mohawke - Root Hands
in this dream, i taste sour beads of rain on my tongue. the clouds are too thick to see through, but the weather is still nice enough to keep the windows open. if the water floods our living room, can we swim with our couches? pretend the pillows are sharks, and we can play titanic, with the crest of a topsy-turvy table our iceberg. in this dream, i think we can see each other, but the fog between us is starting to make me feel dizzy. can you stand straight when there is no wind to keep you moving?

The Long Lost - Woebegone (Flying Lotus' Luckiest Charm)
you are too sexy to BELIEVE. take me in your chest and breathe with me as we fall asleep. i can't feel the beats but i know you are alive because your eyes are wet, so wet, they can melt into sadness when this bed breaks in two. or dance in porto, my salsa, my delicate, you and your shoes of red velvet, to dance between what past has suffered and what the present dares.

Haushka - Wonder
oh dreams, what playful parts you give to me! who am i now? a servant to your king god? no, those buckles! polished so jet, i must stand sharp to match my wealth. no, that steel is fake - am i a pauper for the poor? a son of the streets to catch the raw meat idle dogs drop when they are full of charitable treats, i must not stay here long, this rain is muddying the window shops. oh seams, how you tear at each rip, not to catch my woven beads, but to throw the cloth i've kept these years down sewer scenes for the alligators to eat. no, this hand is not mine! how the fingers claw...and my skin does ache, with cracks it bleeds, and these dry lips are thirsty still.

Andrew Bird - Not a Robot, But a Ghost
i think you are disgusting, you beautiful romance, you distant woman trance, you eyes that pierce and fry my waiting skin to die, this hook to hang my lust on jacket links to catch the hood, i'll keep it in, i'll keep it in, i'll keep it in, i'll keep it in, and this is all written by chance to prove the idle reader still my pants are tight and morals loose, so close the book on who to choose for now we're left with dumber still those nights we've kept it in to still a heart eager for girona's kill, a spring escape into summer's bill.


how can you be so sure that the grass is really green
when you're so caught up in images found in magazines?
i think it's time to realize you're no longer seventeen.
i'm tired of watching you fall, trip high and crash hard,
lose the courage your mother gave and your father tried to save
it's getting hard to pretend that i don't care

your happiness replaced with a crazy smile,
the kind brought on when the mind's gone wild.

such a curious boy, you walk around with umbrella,
looking for the shade, when there's only sun.
i hope the clouds forever leave you alone.
digging for diamonds at the beach to wear around your neck,
stepping over sandcastles you've built with shaking hands
though steady eyes reveal a troubled man

how can you be so sure that tonight won't be your last
as you shield yourself from candlelight and you dance your waltz alone?
soon enough we will all become your past.
you're running the oil dry, black gold in your system
bloodshot eyes are leaking again, in tears of shameful pride
that drown your mask and reveal the boy inside.

such a curious boy


dog who lost all her sight
i'm holding you still, dog, you were a scared dog
when you couldn't find your food
you used to watch me from the glass in our front door

i remember when i first got you dog
you were too young
when i lost you dog

dog of life in her youth
you run so fast, dog, i had to catch you dog
when the first snow would fall
oh the joy you'd feel i could see it in your eyes

dog of death from disease
it weakened you so, dog, you were a different dog
but i knew you'd be ok
when the time came for the fear and pain to end

dog i loved more than most
i'm missing you dear, dog, you were the bravest dog
when i brought you to the vet
and said goodbye, dog, i hope to see you soon again

for five years you were the best dog
you were too young
when i lost you dog.

- tgrs