swear, too//It's All For Something Elegant

Ratatat - Mirando (Animal Collective Remix)
ten minutes, and it feels like i'm floating. on a silken wave off a sunburned coast down south. on a creaky raft made in a rush to ride the reef. on a blanket of bubble baths still warm from the early years. the pops and riffs bounce on and on and on and on and on until they sift into a pool of calm noise. this jam is summer, spring, winter and fall; it is exhilariting, and it is boring; it is intoxicating as it is healing. it is intense, but it is comforting, and the comfort intensifies as drone moves from within to without and when it breathes its final sigh you'll wake up, blink in time, and play it again. i've had it on repeat for an hour now, and its making my head seem.......lighter.

EDIT: The version of the remix was only in mono before. I've just upped the stereo version, but until my bandwith is reset, get it here. Enjoy. (oh, and its a .mp3 file now.)

it's all for something elegant, isn't it?
you shine your shoes
and prim your hair
and race days against time to feel important.
i'd call it magic, i'd call it a disease,
the urge to move your morning feet
into a pattern of shifts and shuffled leads,
what keeps you from bed to rest with me.
i play my own games
and keep my hands busy writing notes
to put in bottles and give to the sea,
blowing kisses to the wind and its sister breeze,
a heaven of gold is as romantic
as a dress of pearls;
you wear black at dawn and red in the eve,
but save heaven for sleep
to rest the angel that lays with me.

all in all, i've had a very pleasant winter.


//photos by wmb; see more of his work here\\

I Thought I Saw...//what's this?

Flying Lotus & Panda Bear - Bros&Tings (tgrs remix)
that remix i promised. more of a mash up. includes an old pb track called 'ohne titel.' originally part of a mix i did, but i liked this enough to separate it. give me some feedback, props prompt prolificacy.

look up.
have faith


//photo by pdhw\\

oh no, oh well; oh hark the loons on a christmas spell/Taking It A part

Did some virtual crate digging this past week.
These are some of the highlights:

Autology - Filistine
crazy dub off of a killer compilation series called jfx bits. this is from the first, and i believe there are two more. thanks goes out to a good dub friend of mine who found these mixes, i am grateful. awesome sounds and interesting vocals on this track, together give you a foreign-yet-homely vibe, a sound that draws you in mysteriously and then kisses you on the forehead, as if to welcome you to the home you didn't know you had yet. a good soundtrack to trainriding in a new continent. don't be afraid to travel.

Panda Bear - A Lover Can No Longer Now Be A Friend
i'm not sure if this is actually noah. it doesn't sound like him, but it is from his first set of home recordings back in 1998, so who knows. i first got my hands on this album a little more than a year ago, but haven't properly given it my attention till this past weekend. very interesting choice of style and vocal ability for this lp. this jam resonates into one of panda's newer jams, bonfire of the vanities, with its slow-warped piano sample and drowning vocals. a good pick for lonely evenings with a cup of tea and window of rain ahead of you.

Eric B. & Rakim - Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em (DJ Shadow Remix)
a very rare track. this remix comes from a shadow boxset released a few years back, and only 500 were made. the box includes two radio mixes djshadow did back in the early '90s, and two cds full of remixes and original productions that have probably never been heard by most of his fans. if you are interested in checking the rest of these tracks out, especially the mixes, leave a comment and maybe i'll take the time to up them all. they're hefty, but its deserved weight.

Lee "Scratch" Perry - Heavy Voodoo (feat. Keith Richards)
this track is slow paced, kinky sex. with handcuffs, feathers, steam and wax. its as sultry as a late night movie with out all the cheese. this is fun sex, not that awkward activity the selfish and shy call love, but the rush and spirit and games of longlasting bedrocking that only the right two (or three) can pull off. make those sheets wet with this.

Junior Murvin - Cool Out Sun
more reggae from years prior, cause this sound is fun, and gets me excited for summer. this is early dancehall, not as bombastic as its now become, but just as energetic. the voice could get on some people's nerves, but those people aren't welcome around here anyways, so i could care less.

big things coming from this site by the end of the month
there will be a digital single from my forthcoming album, 'friends'
the single is called 'in your arms'
and will either feature a remix of the track or a bside from the 'friends' sessions.
also, i'll post up a remix of my own in the next coming days,
along with a new minimix (maybe)

i just need to finish these exams first.

for those interested, my album will be released only on cassette, with unique artwork for each tape. it will be released on february 17th.
if you are interested, just shoot me an email with your name and address and ill mail it out to you once the tapes are finished. $5 a pop.

thank you, with love.

Something Different/and something blue

i've started a project
that will hopefully take off;

its called The Hope Street Sessions.

i've turned my living room into a venue
i've contacted some musicians
now let's see what happens.

here's the first taste,
with a very close friend,
Tish Longworth.

- tgrs