Beginnings of a would-be dreamer

(photo by m. tounta)

I know what to do with this space now.

Succumbing to a collision of mid-exam inspiration and procrastination, I read a few articles from dubstep producer Matt Shadetek on creativity, production, and time management that helped prompt my new decision. The advice and strategies Matt discusses (yet briefly) coincide with both my creative plans for 2010/11 and my dissertation on artistic collaboration, all three contingent forces have planted seeds for a new website.

In the past, this space was used to promote new music, old music, my music, and your music, decorated by contributions from photographer friends and friendly artists. I have a new outlet for my de Leon-like obsession with new music which I urge you all to check out: The Kort

But there is an ever-growing obsession of mine that I've only just begun to nurture, and that is the mystery and philosophy of creativity.

So this website will now attempt the following:

1) To catalogue and discuss the day-to-day of my creative experiences as I work on my newest releases, with the hope of providing inspiration and caution to all my fellow producers and creative engineers out there
2) To showcase the brimming wealth of information these interwebs have to offer on creative production, management, composition, marketing, etc.
3) To keep you up to date on the various drafts of my own work and those of others that will serve as accompaniment to the discussions
4) To feature interviews/articles from artists worldwide on the 'creative' phenomenon, and how they interact with it
5) To bring you some sweet tunes and beautiful images.

Expect things to start popping up regularly from August onwards, but don't be surprised if I start a bit earlier...

For now, here: