Why Did You Have To Leave?//a madman's excuse for losing poker

Max Richter - Europe, After the Rain
Tosca - Session 1 "D-moll"
Bright Eyes - No One Would Riot For Less

// classical.dub.country \\

The sun is bright enough, but there are dark clouds in the distance. They threaten too much of our day, so we must go inside and listen to old records of dust and scratches. Albums that had more meaning when they sat in our attic than under spin, we played them to our hearts' content anyway. As that needle danced over black harmony I held your hand in front of our window, tighter, as the hum grew louder, and as our breath drew nearer, until we kissed in time with the final movement.

Then we walked outside in the rain for hours.

- tgrs


I Monster - Heaven
This Mortal Coil - Another Day
Four Tet - My Angel Rocks Back And Forth

// electronica.dreampop.abstractbeats \\

i have nothing to say
because the tide has settled
the Man's brains have blown
across sand dune escapes
is my home any better?
vacation is calling for a finale

but i don't want to deliver, for i am comfortable in sunlight


How Come This Taste//and in pieces we puzzled ourselves

El Guincho - Cuando Maravilla Fui
Eddie Vedder - Goodbye
Radiohead - 4 Minute Warning

// pop.acoustic.alternative \\

Anytime you feel uncomfortable, imagine you are running through a playground preserved somewhere in the back of your mind. The monkey bars are no longer rusted, and the pavement is dangerous, but nonthreatening. Revisit the swing set, and soar off the ground with your loud chains r r r r rrustling behind you.
The trees seem so tall, so grand in their verdant composure. Your toes kick at their tips when you feel the most like an eagle, wings ready for the glide back down - ah, the wind in your hair as you float, the wink of the sun as leaves break to let it shine...the breeze that reaches deep into your heart and squeezes lightly, though strong enough to squeeze a tear

out of the eyes of a man in a suit, face furrowed and unfocused staring into a screensaver called "Spring Time." The plastic cubicle walls are firm against the flickering lights that flutter above him, and his stapler has lost its red coat long ago. Circulated air gives off a conditioned chill that slowly creeps into his bones and makes his knuckles shake. The lady next to him has stopped watering her flower, and the crisp leaves are beginning to collect around the coat rack, still leaves that flutter never and r r r r rrustle every time someone WALKS past: a fellow belt and tie mannequin, never any flattering colors.

Twenty-five years have gone too fast, yet the crisp afternoon air of a childhood summer will stay with him until the day he dies.


these times never stand still//Please Don't Let Go of My

Animal Collective - Cobwebs
Joan Jonas - Song 1973/2007
Belong - Late Night

// experimental.atmospheric \\

The Queen has got her courtside manner in check.
who's to say she's lost her mind?
the king has left on a pointless crusade
following the sun and attacking the shade
but who's to say what treasure's he'll find?
The Queen has lost her place in time.

and the magician has too much to lose.
and the trick is forgetting the fool.

I can't see any sorcery in this window, but it might be because the blinds are magically taught and respectively fraught with no comfort in the cold seeping from the cracks of shattering lines. Mirror, turn aside, these freckles are demons with too much pride, so let not shine these truths of mine that I have had hid from tempered shins and curved fins, dipping just above the crest of water traffic waves my dolphin angel with better days brings glory's graces and all their shade upon my temple and worship cave. Who's to say the beach is far when all my shells sing joys dripped from the stars, their puddles my ocean, and surf my finger's rest. Taken ashore, I find my knees shaken and brittle with the constant threat of summer's worse carol.

Amen, those cult sheep
have got the movement
but I miss the action
that comes with group suicide.

- tgrs

'a moment in and out of time'//T.S., Never Disguised

Richard Marlow - In Paradisum
Eluvium - I Will Not Forget That I Have Forgotten
Hammock - I Can Almost See You

// ambient.atmospheric \\

Who knew what that cat's scream really meant? When the shrill bite of her yelp reached the heavens and shattered a star's crystal shell, its pieces spilled from the celestial seat onto the alley this pained feline lurked. She raised her teeth to the bejeweled snow and bit down fast to taste the sweat of a mortal's god - in her eyes reflected the beauty of a crumbling universe and in her scream sang the dirge of a thousand lonely statues. Her fur, sable with night's cloak, glittered with the inundation of that holy shower, and this curious pet danced along to the pattering of stellar tears hitting concrete.

Oh, how graceful those paws waltzed! How wondrous that tail curled, pricked in time to the rhythm of cascading angels! Oh, you angels, hark not the tearing of evening's sheet, but praise the rain this cat has caused! This shower of prelapsarian innocence may finally curve the decay of our deprived souls, and we rejoice for it! How this sky does pour down like god's fountain, into the pillows of those asleep, into the eyes of those brave, into the souls of those wicked, into the heart of those insecure.

How peculiar, how frightening;
How strange, how comforting;

That force which sat so high above has lost to the calls of a cat in heat.


// photo by tv \\