Andrew Bird Plays With the Sound of Self-Destruction

Andrew Bird makes it all look so easy. The orchestration, and creative awareness.

The source of inspiration can take infinite forms, and for the Mr. Bird's new song he exclusively performs for TED, the everyday occurrence (especially for a sound wizard) of a noise loop triggers an investigation of other self-destructive loops and how they occur in biological, metaphysical, and creative instances.

I find that relationships are the greatest source of inspiration for my work...I guess I'm not too far off from using self-destructive loops, either.

Beginnings of a would-be dreamer

(photo by m. tounta)

I know what to do with this space now.

Succumbing to a collision of mid-exam inspiration and procrastination, I read a few articles from dubstep producer Matt Shadetek on creativity, production, and time management that helped prompt my new decision. The advice and strategies Matt discusses (yet briefly) coincide with both my creative plans for 2010/11 and my dissertation on artistic collaboration, all three contingent forces have planted seeds for a new website.

In the past, this space was used to promote new music, old music, my music, and your music, decorated by contributions from photographer friends and friendly artists. I have a new outlet for my de Leon-like obsession with new music which I urge you all to check out: The Kort

But there is an ever-growing obsession of mine that I've only just begun to nurture, and that is the mystery and philosophy of creativity.

So this website will now attempt the following:

1) To catalogue and discuss the day-to-day of my creative experiences as I work on my newest releases, with the hope of providing inspiration and caution to all my fellow producers and creative engineers out there
2) To showcase the brimming wealth of information these interwebs have to offer on creative production, management, composition, marketing, etc.
3) To keep you up to date on the various drafts of my own work and those of others that will serve as accompaniment to the discussions
4) To feature interviews/articles from artists worldwide on the 'creative' phenomenon, and how they interact with it
5) To bring you some sweet tunes and beautiful images.

Expect things to start popping up regularly from August onwards, but don't be surprised if I start a bit earlier...

For now, here:



'Rockaway' Released on Cassette//Lazy Roar Records

"Rockaway" is featured on Lazy Roar's Discovery Compilation Mixtape. Here's what the label has to say about the cassette:

"How do you describe the indescribable? Through song, of course. A few months ago, sixteen artists took on the challenge of composing a piece of music that captures of the experience of experience and the feeling of feeling. The finished product plays much more like a mixtape or collaboration than a mere compilation, with each song seamlessly picking up where the previous one left off. Cassette culture is back, baby. With over 70 minutes of material, this floating, flowing epic is not to be missed. Mastered and compiled by Rob Duffy of Kleptocephalus with awesome artwork by Jay Harmon of Boy Fruit. Edition of 100, dubbed onto translucent neony yellowish-green cassettes."

List of artists featured:
Bengar Use Hypnosis!
Bob Dignan Anthony
Boy Fruit
First Dog To Visit The Center Of The Earth
The Great Red Shark
Healthy Animal
The Letter Box Project
Living (member of
Maxwell Hell
Mystery Cave
Splinter Villa
Tamma's Music Box
Young Man

Go ahead and stream the album at If you like what you hear, pick up a copy for $4 and support your local DIY record label.

- tgrs

'Still Alive' Gets An Official Release//Amazon and Beatport

My track 'Still Alive' has been picked up by Vitamin D over at Cold Busted Records and distributed through the first in a series of chill-out compilation CDs and mixes. I'm very excited to have a song of mine out there in the wonderfully wide world of music shopping malls, and below are a number of ways for you to help support the artists and label involved in this record.

The tracks range from techno to 'Snatch' and 'Ocean's 11' funk breaks, coffee house jazz to warm electronica. It's all good, and there's sure to be something you enjoy on this mix.

You can buy the CD at Amazon, or pick up a digital copy from Beatport:

- tgrs