let's sing something different//Those Seagulls Have Lost Control

Animal Collective - The Purple Bottle
Nine Inch Nails - In This Twilight (remix by Fennesz)
Modeselekor - The White Flash (feat. Thom Yorke)
Ryan Adams - Avalanche

// experimental.electronica.pop \\

this walk is starting to curve in curious directions; where am I headed, anyway? a scatterbrain pretending certainty under the facade of a serious digression, she said. well, if worse comes to better, then I'll ring in the new year with a glorious shout of a thousand bells harmonized with the grace of god and to the tune of hallelujah


i'm not sure
if it's leaving me
or if I'm letting go;
if this sleet has frozen my tongue
when all I want to show
are letters breathing in the snow.

Pulling away I
trip over my backsteps
gently, and fall forwards.
When gravity is upside down
and running heavy pace
against my weary cascading face.

I wasn't sure if we could dance
so I left my red shoes
under the secret garden's door.
I wasn't sure if i could trust,
and I was right to quietly hunch
that a secret conceived is a heartbreaking punch.


//photo by mb \\

Ha Ha! Hoorah!//now can we go home?

Fink - Hush Now (feat. Tina Grace)
Julianna Barwick - Unt. 3
Phosphorescent - Wolves

// alternative.atmospheric.folk \\

At this hour in the night, I feel sympathy for my brothers-in-arms, my warriors of soul that turn their cheeks from the thought of fleeing.

He may hate that it is so, but whatever will be, is sure to be; for nothing else, if there could be, will be, so long as his heart stays in the graveyard of his memories. You must move on - there is nothing left for you at home. Your mother is crying, your father has disappeared; your brother and sister don't remember your face. An old lover may greet you with a comforting welcome, but I promise you any assurance she may give is worthless. The wind here is cooler, and I hope you can feel the breeze even with these gated windows shut. The sailing season is perfect on these waters, but no, the compass cannot show you the way back; forward, forward march, until the edge of the world is at your fingers!

Arrived? Set light to your vessel and walk on the crests of these endless waves. The coral can easily cradle any fall, and watch, as the dolphins happily mark your path. Sharks are not to be feared in this ocean, nor any looming storm, or a privation of all luxuries of land. This cliff is your cliff; it is loving, it is forgiving, it is comfortable. Do what you will.

- tgrs

// illustration by ks \\

sub specie aeternitatis//"Only Our Love Have No Decay"

Belong - I'm Too Sleepy...Shall We Swim?
Dead Can Dance - Wilderness
Max Richter - Written On The Sky

// noise.newage.classical \\

Spinoza believed in three different types of knowledge:

the first, a knowledge of particulars...of objects received and acknowledged by the senses;
the second, of universals...of ideas reached and understood through mental meditation.
the final instance of knowledge calls for a more engaged analysis of existence. Particulars and universals become minor footnotes under the study of a single moment of time and experience - if in this moment you see eternity. You must transcend sense-data and push through all limitations of the mind; after such, the murky depths of reality illuminate under the shine of an eternal resonance with Nature.

As we are conscious of a moment's eternity, so are we more in tune with ourselves, with Nature, and with our Universe.

So here you may find eternity if you look hard enough, think lightly, and imagine the entirety of existence coddled between our fingers.


i love this burning smell//Take Off

Aesop Rock - Bring Back Pluto
AmpLive - Video Tapez (feat. Del the Funky Homosapien)
Animal Collective - Bearhug (Live in Amsterdam)
volcano! - La Lluvia

// hiphop.experimental.alternative \\

i've started uploading my files to mediafire instead, so downloading these tracks should be made easier. all you have to do is click on the link, followed by the flashing 'Download Now!' button.

simple, spelled out.

demanding >> relaxing >> eager >> explosive
care to pick/sort them out? in order, I'd imagine. Listen. Listen. Listen.

tastes like honey, haters.


How I Lost to Zero Tolerance\\respect

Philip Glass - Glassworks 1. Opening
Panda Bear - I'm Not
Of Montreal - I Was a Landscape In Your Dream (Grizzly Bear Mix)

// classical.experimental.pop. \\

Last night I imagined filming a movie. You starred//In a room doing everyday things, set to a speed five times too fast, you were painting a picture. Dripping down your canvas was a child letting go of a balloon, his toes barely on the rooftop. He wore a black button-down shirt with grey shorts, his socks' elastic loosened enough for the cotton to gather around his ankles. His hair was a light shade of purple, mine was still blue under the sun. The shades were closed to get the best lighting for my shot, so your illustration was already more beautiful than I could ever be.

What a curious circus. Where are the heartbroken elephants?
Under this tent I am lost in a state of bliss; acid-washed happiness overpowering a settling derangement.
I can see no safety nets, so I rest worried.

- tgrs

// illustration by ks \\

Midnight Street Watching//walking in the rain wearing only a bathrobe

Amon Tobin - Nightlife
Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill (The Bug Remix)
Aphex Twin - Raising the Titanic (Big Drum Mix) {Gavin Bryars}
Burial - Night Train
Concert Silence - 09.22.07 (part 05)

// downtempo.ambient.electronica. \\

Imagine running out of your house without socks on and your hair a mess, the outside air chilled from constant misting and an eternally inevitable hailstorm. You've left your keys behind that impenetrable gate you just shut, but it really doesn't matter. The pores on your face are opening in wild approval of the night air and your soul applauds with a slight hissing of steam that slips off of your lips as you breathe heavier - someone may see you.

"Close your eyes, let the rhythm get in to you."

It's OK if just this once you held out your hand to a stranger and asked him to lead you in a dance.
It's OK if just this once you forgot about your mother and didn't look either way before crossing.
It's OK if just this once you turned into a dark alley and started speaking in tongues to an audience of trash receptacles.
It's OK if just this once you didn't return home because you got lost swimming in the ocean of a city you never knew existed.

When you end up back in bed, you will sleep the most heavenly slumber that settles in only after living an intensity.


// illustration by ks \\