'the spirit catches...'//I Know Enough To Leave Now

George Cromarty - Flight
Taken by Trees feat. TTA - Taken Too Young
Panda Bear - Ponytail
The Temptations - My Girl

// acoustic.dreampop.motown \\


The morning the sky opened up,
the clouds were a common white
and the weather was comfortable.
I couldn't find her anywhere,
I looked so hard my pupils bled
and left a trail for her to track me.
They took me into the sky,
where I broke records blinking eyes
against the wind of breaking night.
Suffering the avalanche's frost,
I made reunion with my dear pet
and walked her into a river deep.
Together again, we swam for miles,
past intelligent doctors, beautiful and blind
we crushed petals and deep we breathed.
The snow tasted like heaven which,
indulgent and persistent, we drank fast
and choked on sickly joy.
I learned that nothing was missed,
because together we ran and ran and ran
till our hearts burst and our souls

finally met eternal rest.


// illustration by ks \\

dedicated//I Find It Hard To Disappear Anymore

Nine Inch Nails - Slipping Away
Burial - Untrue
Portishead - Threads

// industrialrock.dubstep.triphop \\

powerhouse tracks, for the mid-spring blues and late night grievances.
yes, I'm tired.
yes, I'm still awake.
yes, I may be dreaming.
but how does that explain why you're here?

you're such a jealous creature. why can't you look past the things that don't matter?
you've such curious features. why don't you smile more and force those wolves to scatter?
you are amazing and I need my fix
and I need some answers to cure these tricks
I bet it would be fine if you snuck over
contemplate cloud shapes in my windowless cellar
but you're probably too busy growing up
when I'm fine with staying young

- tgrs

sun, bathe me//The Monads Don't Have Windows

The Tallest Man on Earth - I Won't Be Found
Bob Dylan - In My Time of Dyin'
Murder by Death - Those Who Stayed
Chris Watson - Telegraph Cove at Night

// folk.rock.nature \\

I'd hate to think this was all we had to offer, that our hours invested were wasted on idle truths and convincing liars, dancing on a drowning seesaw. Maybe if we could run off and disappear, a fitting finale could find us under some oak's shelter in the forest of my backyard; like an alternate ending to Dr. Faustus, with impotent devils and rescuing angels, we could escape any mistakes we've made and live subtly by the beach. If I'm asking for too much, please ignore this message, and attribute my slight of tongue to the late hour and the persistence of ill mental health. Or, next time you catch my eye, raise your eyebrows seductively and walk away. Maybe you'd rather not play a second round, but I'd love a new dose of temptation.

Together, we could escape the obstacles of time and run headfirst into forever, tripping over the fortunes of tomorrow and forgoing any promises of yesterday. Hand in hand, palm touching palm, I believe. Without an extra pair of socks, my feet are already wet.

Goodnight, until you wake.

- tgrs

// illustration by ks \\

welcome home!//I Think I Am Lost...

Radiohead - Worrywort
Jose Gonzalez - Storm
My Morning Jacket - I Will Be There When You Die
Junior Boys - FM (Marsen Jules Remix)

// alternative.acoustic.atmospheric.pop \\

Here we are.
Take it, I won't mind. Yes, yes, yes I promise - it's for you!

How long until this ride ends? My head is tired. My throat is sore. My knees are weak. My fingers have stopped bleeding, though.

I want to imagine a place with rounded corners, curved bed frames and stained glass lampshades covering green hollow light bulbs. I want to find myself awoken by the smell of a dead mother's cooking and an aged father's yells, a spirit dog's yelps and chimney smoke wafting from a bakery in the next town over.

I could lift myself out of bed and walk through this dream with arms poised for hugs and my eyes clouded with sleep, but I'd rather roll over to the cool side of my pillow, for I know that, at the very least, this thread count is real, and those pancakes are dangerous.


// photo by somerandomGoogleImagesearch \\