quick update//Exposure

I have a Soundcloud now. Check it for new jams I'm working on, I'll try and upload stuff as soon as I'm happy with it. Right now I have one song up there, 'Still Alive.' Unmixed, and without two instruments I'd like to add at some point. For now, I hope you enjoy my work. Leave some comments, please.

Likewise, I'd like to hear music from you, so use my Dropbox. I believe in the community of music as the record label's death knell, and a community of music blogs as the four horsemen. All it takes to get heard is to give someone a listen, and I want to hear what's out there from people who stumble across my blog.

On another note, soon as this exam jargon is done with, I'll have more updates with more tracks and literature. Also, I'll be posting some podcasts of my radio show from this past year on STAR.

Here are some tracks I've been digging lately just to tide you over:

Lukid - The Now (Hudson Mohawke Remix)

Stag Hare - Born Into Magic

Animal Collective - Do The Nurse

- tgrs