Time For Us All to Relax//these clouds are grey again

this tickling in my throat is thickening my voice

Massive Attack - Pray for Rain (ft Tunde Adebimpe)
i am so happy to hear from massive attack. i can honestly say that very few bands have inspired me to the point as this Bristol duo has. they have survived the collapse of the 90's and the subsequent cave-in of trip hop everywhere, a genre that turned its obsession with bass and chillout into a melting stack of cheese that fills with its new-age stench bars and smoking lounges worldwide. the dives that throw up lights of various colors and litter the floor with couches of designs from the best of imagination and the worst of intentions. you've all been to one before, these prisons of trip hop. no matter; m. attack have put out a new ep and i love it. getting TVOTR's main man to lay vocals on this track is like drinking hot chocolate in front of a snow-covered window; you are warm, but there is a touch of cold that reminds you of winter outside. as this song builds, the steam from your mug fills the window, and you forget where you are for the moment your reflection clouds over.
photo from monkeyabout

Washed Out - Feel It All Around
this summer has seen the take over of the blogosphere by an army of cassette/fuzz/nostalgia/80s throwback musicians. lo-fi escaped from the white stripes and contaminated your a-ha record collection. washed out is another one of these types, wearing his influences on his sleeves with copycut samples from some b-side from some shoulder-pad wearing one hit wonder that your 38-year-old probably has in a box somewhere. so cool. kinda like the hipster scene. here's what i don't get (and don't confuse this for a dislike of washed out or this track): if we're stuck in a throwback rut, where do we go from here? no one's worried about it cause we're all nodding our heads along to fuzzier versions of radio tracks from two decades ago. i amongst so many others appreciate analog warmth and cassette compression and drowning mixes and distanced vocals, but i am quite tired feeling like the kid who turns up at what he failed to notice was actually an 80s party. everyone's got on silly pants and hairties while i'm sporting a trucker's hat.
thanks to GvsB for giving these guys some attention
photo by pdhw

Bears in Heaven - Lovesick Teenagers
catchy, rebellious, dogmatic, invigorating and empowering. this makes me miss high school, but love what I have now. maybe because i know I will never be lovesick again.

Miarches - Forest Swords
i've been playing this cassette all summer. if you've chilled with me by the beach, you probably remember this track. i can't believe i haven't put some of fs' stuff up yet. the woodsy psychadelia this band weaves through fuzz, cheap guitar amps and even cheaper recording equipment gives me the good tingles. ain't nothing more wigged out than this track. its for all you dub-loving stoners, you lsd laced curiosities, you art-punks, you scene killers and scene stagers, you runaways and stowaways and self-proclaimed "loners" or "hermits," or even you bums with a cassette deck. $6 don't hate appreciate.

listenlisten - On The Water
this sound has me wishing i was back on the road, dreaming of those crisp sunshines you get only miles from the city, only in the best of mornings filled with a sore back and tired feet but an eager heart to keep up the pace and keep exploring while the time is yours to spend. sure, this song sounds anything but happy, but it sounds raw and immediate, it sounds lost and deserted, it sounds feverishly mad and depressingly complacent. it sounds like three men lost in the woods, making no attempt to find their way out. they sit in the dark, afraid for the darkness, but settled in their strandedness so that the best they can do is write a song until morning.
photo by ks

Hauschka - One Wish
gentle piano strokes, subtle clicks and percussive responses to a jazz-infused modern classical composition that takes rainy days, coffee breaks, Parisian mornings and Greek luxury by their collective hand and leads them all to resort lobby, circa 1974, and lays them to bed on the yellowish carpets that stretch from wall to wall. hauschka, eluvium, max richter...parents of vintage in the truest sense of the (hipster) tag, they compose the sounds the wistful wish would play suddenly during their moments of intense introspection.

photo from monkeyabout

“the initial intuition that is the source of the work can only be unconscious, and this...explains the sense the inspired person has of being guided by forces outside his conscious self.”

My homeboy pdhw just got accepted to art school in Chi-town for his photography. Congrats - big things are in store for him. If you don't already frequent his flickr, do so now. His photography is so far beyond just snapping pictures; his shots are digital art, meticulously detailed and toiled over with such passion that makes me doubt those hippies with paintbrushes are even really artists. What if the computer is your palette? You can save the world with beauty. You can't save the world with organic paint, no matter how abstract that nude live drawing may be. His eyes aren't so good these days, so if you can spare a thought, send pdhw all the good vibes you can muster - Beethoven was deaf and composed majesty, but I don't want my friend to turn blind and shoot tragedy.

maybe things are starting to finally pick up

- tgrs