dedicated//I Find It Hard To Disappear Anymore

Nine Inch Nails - Slipping Away
Burial - Untrue
Portishead - Threads

// industrialrock.dubstep.triphop \\

powerhouse tracks, for the mid-spring blues and late night grievances.
yes, I'm tired.
yes, I'm still awake.
yes, I may be dreaming.
but how does that explain why you're here?

you're such a jealous creature. why can't you look past the things that don't matter?
you've such curious features. why don't you smile more and force those wolves to scatter?
you are amazing and I need my fix
and I need some answers to cure these tricks
I bet it would be fine if you snuck over
contemplate cloud shapes in my windowless cellar
but you're probably too busy growing up
when I'm fine with staying young

- tgrs

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Toy said...

Somehow this reminds me of things I'd rather forget...