My Weakness//love, love, and a hundred more reasons to quit

Panda Bear - Untitled
sing me anything to get me through the night. sing me something soft to put me to sleep.

de liver me from this place, with wings
press ed against my beating heart
i clutch fast and soar into the distance
on a bed of painted roses left for you

i know you will be there waiting
s o why should my eyes stay sunken
wi thout enough rest to watch the sun rise and set
n or the paths of children crossing from homes to hell
n or the past of adults leaving from mind to soul
in this moment of awkward return it is enough to succumb
g ood health, good spirits, and better warmth in the cave of a soldier's den.

- tgrs


iinamorataa said...

That photo you posted
reminds me of this one:

toy said...

Don't let it win, love.