and in my arms are three//Choices In Chocolate Pieces

Horse Feathers - Albina
when there is wind, there is music, and trees breathe easily with the voice of the woods singing harmonies rustic as chipped from autumn bark stripped from a country cello or fiddle or violin found withering behind the shed of a grandfather's garden, singing harmonies natural in a pool of leaf shade and comfortable in the sun preaching over a canopy of willows that whistle river drops into that bank we shared our first kiss. this first kiss, with a clash of a broken orchestra, resonant and resonant to ears eager as they tickle to be touched.
// folk.acoustic \\

Jacob Golden - Cry Baby Cry (The Beatles Cover)
quality cover, especially the second half of the song. a voice soft for a lullaby gentle in its myriad messages. as frequent as new interpretations of beatles tracks are, this stands out enough to have forced another white album listen during these cloudy days of busy work and necessary distraction. walking across wet sand as geese float in the sunset, behind the cliff where waves meet before escaping back into the forever, my headphones crackle desperately.
// cover.acoustic.pop \\

The Gay Blades - Plastic Jesus (Paul Newman Tribute)
not much to offer. good night, to you and all other american icons and legends, wild west heroes and smoking rebels, business men of hatchets and leather suits, those folklore giants who tread quickly across generations of imaginations into grey tv screens and shut down theaters, good night to you and your many stars, your many moons, your universe of dreams and accomplished feats.
// acoustic.folk \\

Pearls Before Swine
- The Surrealist Waltz
and in every empty factory that lines the stretched and pulled highway, in every vacant castle that guards the violent and ominous coast, in every backseat we've shared and loved in secret throes, there exists a fine dust that floats into the air from corners and cracks of years past that have leaked stale breaths into the mouths of singers and soldiers fighting for a stage stripped of floodlights, left alone in the dark with mirrors girded to cast away the pathetic image of a dancer with no partner, a dancer of his own waltz scored with memories and fumbling feet, a dancer who lands softly upon the dust floor and lays his head onto a pillow of last night that encourages eyes shut and protected from the kick up of sand other toes could shove, and this dancer needs mercury vision to encapture his audience of less than none with his surrealist waltz.
// psychedelic.acoustic \\

I will be back on the internet air tonight, at 10pm UK, 5pm US EST, at
It is a chill out show, with songs similar to the kind I usually post. If you can be by a computer at that time, please listen in - I promise enjoyment with flylo, panda, el g, 4tet, pbs and crs, and others and others.

join me down this "rabbit hole" of internet student radio

on another note, i miss driving.
on another another note, i miss everything, but this constant push helps the rush until i can settle the waiting pain into a waiting game for when this missing flourishes into a n o t h e r rrr rose whose gracing pedals grace leaving feet
and when we meet again my shoes will crumble
as do my knees

- tgrs

photo by unknown

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iinamorataa said...

I finally had time to download these songs and listen to them!

Mellowmellowmellow is just what I needed.