shaken like a handful of diamonds//In Twilight Or Sunset Time

Gnarls Barkley - Who's Gonna Save My Soul? (Demo Version)
it's amazing how simple a melody from a stranger's song can echo exactly how you would sing if your throat were gold, if courage were free, if hope were saved. with a clav and subdued drum machine, this demo breaks down and cries for itself, lamenting the beauty of a break up before it can cherish the charm of a relationship past.

The Secret Machines
- Breathe
a short punk song about love, written with smoke in the air. fresh from a gun, or fresh from lungs, vapor heavy and intensely blue, the machines knock out this b-side with enough attitude to propel their garage sound into the hearts of every first-kissers with ears enough to hear the rock of tongue-locked kiss.

Philip Glass - Mad Rush
and finally, when the wings close and the wheels touch, you land in another world with another set of eyes and another mask to wear, another closed heart closed off from people known and knowing people, to keep what self is left inside the self you've kept. bring smiles with your fake teeth, bring a wink for her heels, and bring a hug for the arms you've loved. keep the music the loud, the eyes shut, the windows down, and drive, drive, drive, drive, drive, drive until you reach the autumn coast.

I have very little to offer right now
but I hope to change the world at some point
maybe when the caffeine kicks in
or my ears strengthen
then the paintings my speakers cast
the moments my fingers grasp
the love we hope to last
the breath we share and gasp
the songs sketched with crayons past
and prayers we answer with glances fast
or ninja fail, so failed we fall,
into twilight thrown our feet will rise
and dance on floors where summertime
breaks winter's freeze and the chilling kind,
a moonlit shine for two lover's crime,
a second chance for a third attempt
to discover what rain was left
when the clouds soared by and I soared to fly
across the twilight into tomorrow's sky
across the river we swore to hell
and I swam to christ on a mission's tell
to cast demons ashore and break waves in time
to the rhythm of a heart breaking weak from time
two shadows of angels, two hundred of reasons,
but three charms of saviours where safe is needed
can keep smiles on faces where fear is ageless
and this statue of a man whose chalk is faded
cannot find the truth for truth is made in
bedrooms shared, in boredom bared,
in lust of love and trust for morning come
and soon this morning brings
a return to form, a return to king
for queen and crown and summer's rain
under sky and sun to hide
we cover up with lips and taste
to make the best of the shortest month
to make the best of the longest year

- tgrs

photo by phw


toy said...

This Philip Glass track is so intense.

All around beautiful post.

iinamorataa said...

I like that picture a lot. It's simple, but enchanting.

Jason D. Hunter said...

I agree with Kat. That is a terribly good photograph.