Let Sunshine Weep// parce que la pluie peut danser genitment

Bon Iver - Woods
imogen heap and fleet foxes with rustic soul. vocals effected from a heart affected by the touch of a wintry dream. i believe in heaven, and i believe in loneliness, and i certainly believe in happiness. i also believe that this song is all three incarnate.

Ruby Weapon Mono - #1 (Animal Collective Cover)
haunting rendition. check out their covers. and a little early christmas present for those as eager as i am for the new album. these melodies beat the beach boys; i challenge you to tell me otherwise after listening to merriweather post pavilion.

there is little to inspire me anymore
but i have hopes for a mountain winter
and warmth in tapes

i am in love with nothing
yet everyone looks so beautiful
and charming still

if my fears are kept in check
steadied as steady my hands
then this disease will die hungry

for i will not let it live full
on my imagination
and what soul i have saved so far.

- tgrs

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toy said...

A solid soul. ;)

That cover of #1 makes me smile.