swear, too//It's All For Something Elegant

Ratatat - Mirando (Animal Collective Remix)
ten minutes, and it feels like i'm floating. on a silken wave off a sunburned coast down south. on a creaky raft made in a rush to ride the reef. on a blanket of bubble baths still warm from the early years. the pops and riffs bounce on and on and on and on and on until they sift into a pool of calm noise. this jam is summer, spring, winter and fall; it is exhilariting, and it is boring; it is intoxicating as it is healing. it is intense, but it is comforting, and the comfort intensifies as drone moves from within to without and when it breathes its final sigh you'll wake up, blink in time, and play it again. i've had it on repeat for an hour now, and its making my head seem.......lighter.

EDIT: The version of the remix was only in mono before. I've just upped the stereo version, but until my bandwith is reset, get it here. Enjoy. (oh, and its a .mp3 file now.)

it's all for something elegant, isn't it?
you shine your shoes
and prim your hair
and race days against time to feel important.
i'd call it magic, i'd call it a disease,
the urge to move your morning feet
into a pattern of shifts and shuffled leads,
what keeps you from bed to rest with me.
i play my own games
and keep my hands busy writing notes
to put in bottles and give to the sea,
blowing kisses to the wind and its sister breeze,
a heaven of gold is as romantic
as a dress of pearls;
you wear black at dawn and red in the eve,
but save heaven for sleep
to rest the angel that lays with me.

all in all, i've had a very pleasant winter.


//photos by wmb; see more of his work here\\


Jason D. Hunter said...

Just sayin'...

Waterproof/underwater disposable cameras are a lot of fun.

Thor said...

Awww, is there a non-wav file link? I hate raw media.

Thor said...

And I can't even download the .wav file because you exceeded your bandwidth on the site that the file is hosted.

toy said...

Uh...YEA they are.

This winter HAS been good. :)

Jason D. Hunter said...

...that was ks, not me. Technical malfunction and all.

iinamorataa said...

...Whoops. That comment from Alex is really from me. I posted it from his computer and forgot to sign him out first.

tgrs said...

beggar's can't be choosers, thor.

bandwith problem is getting fixed.....now.