Candy for The Deaf and Blind//and away away we flow

entirely your own, embodied and effervescent, a fiction of life present

Julianna Barwick - You Were Waiting (Daytrotter Session)
Tallest Man On Earth - I Won't Be Found (Daytrotter Session)
big ups daytrotter. the lonesome sounds beautiful when accompanied by piano. if i were a hermit, i'd settle for the company of an instrument, but the spoiled ways of this ending decade leaves me demanding a recorder as well, because as good as solitude may ring in a cave or a cabin or a closet, i have developed a feverish propulsion to lay everything to tape, to relive a few moments later or to sink back into the trance inevitable when recording. daytrotter accomplishes just this: inviting a few into their studios and pressing the little red circle, until the chills are at peak and the hairs are stiff.

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Thom Yorke - Hearing Damaged
the song travels in a distance mirroring physical hearing loss. by the end the sounds are increasingly grainy, pulsating, and fractured. it's always hard labeling an artist with the tagline 'genius,' but it's getting increasingly hard to deny that the genius suit looks good on thom.


Tamma's Music Box - Sounds of Symmetry
so vibrant, these sounds of youth and dreams and majesty, harmonies fit for the weak and the strong and the dying or just born. hallowed in song, enriched with dripping reverb, and pleasure for any with the sense of imagination.


Florence + The Machine - You Got The Love (The xx Remix)
this song deserves to be stuck in your bed for as long as you can bring yourself to feel sinned and saintly, backing music for meeting a lover or detaching a friendship, for losing yourself at a party, for emerging from a rain-soaked street corner into a coffeshop and coming face to face with your dream-life, for breaking up with your resolution and taking that puff, for spilling a drink into the ocean after plunging feet first, for brushing aside her hair and kissing her hips, for running your hands across his shoulders and clenching his back, for keeping those headphones fastened, for pressing your suit just to wear it while smoking a cigarette outside.

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d z z b

if you want some budstep (did i say dubstep),
Bass Lift by The Snare Bear

- tgrs

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