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Teitur - Great Balls of Fire
a live take on a classic transformed into a baroque dance between violin, voice, and cello. forget the original and let your ears indulge with this masterful reinvention. the veil has been lifted from lewis' spastic pop to reveal a beautiful soundscape of tragedy and emotion. use this song to get you behind the wheel and go out in search of something you know you've lost from your childhood. the audience adds so much to this track.
// pop.alternative \\

Flying Lotus - Comet Course
static erratic, hypnotic beats from prefuse and burial's lovechild. lotus spins dub for a speed freak, his sound relentless and unsettling, but seductive and enchanting. dark for sure, keep this track ready for a long drive down an overcast highway into the mountains. roll those windows down and let the rain trickle in time to the clicks and twists. it's ok to feel a bit nutty sometimes, and comet course encourages a freakout mid-drive: hands wild, tongue sweating, head spinning, stay the steering wheel straight with your chin and laugh wildly at the bored commuters surrounding you. feel free to get naked while driving, just don't hit any deer.
// glitch.abstractbeats.electronica \\

Jane - Agg Report
ok, here's a long one from noah lennox (panda bear) and scott mou's ambient project. turn off the motorway, dim your headlights, and weave through dirt roads under the moon's steady stare until you feel sufficiently lost. then step out of the car and lay on the grass while jane's bass fuels nightdreams and open-eye unconsciousness. you've had your freakout, and now its time to relax...so drift easy wherever the music takes you, your ears wide and your eyes wider, your hands thrust out far from your body, your fingers probing the world around you trying to taste nature in all its sweet substance. make sure you've got some sub when you listen to this.
// ambient.atmospheric.electronic \\

The Tallest Man On Earth - This Wind
my favorite modern folk artist right now. maybe for the drive home. if anything, its worth a thought for the throwback, and a listen that will build in reward the higher you climb, the more clean air you breathe, the more birds you count above your head, the more rivers you swim, the more paths you create with a pair of old boots and a young heart eager for that distance reached and that discovery found and that journey accomplished. this album is the soundtrack to what adventures I imagine my two friends in the wilderness are living as i sit in the comfortable confines of these family walls that divide truth from existence, reality from convenience.
// folk.singersongwriter.acoustic \\

i find it all disheartening
so often i have spoken about leaving
i've learned that they need each other more than they need me
and that those who need me feed distance first
but those who needed have forgotten why for
and now i have only myself,
but i can't do it alone
so i'll let you in every now and then
when the work is weak and the time is dry
and we can play composer to a midnight orchestra
dream big in a suffocating existence
when all that matters is when next to see her
and you two together, seeing only each other,
and i settled without to have settled within
but ignored those starry skies for far too long.

by the end of this summer, i will have my first offering for a few of you.

- tgrs

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Rachel said...

I don't the work of Teitur but on this track the vocals are completely channeling Nina Simone. In Particular, listen to her sing "Four Women" or "Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair" to see what I mean. Its as if they used Great Balls of Fire lyrics to the music of Four Women.