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Au - Boute
i am entirely convinced that this song was recorded in an your dead grandfather's attic, where we would call spirits with broken cardboard and light candles with torches on the eve of adulthood. there is a sophisticated, childish charm in the au sound. i hear memories of peanut butter and swings underneath a dirge for innocent kisses and midnight phone calls, which in turn succumbs to a soaring acceptance of responsibility, experience, and wisdom. like bon iver with animal collective as their backing band.
// folk.experimental \\

Lucky Dragons - Wooden Cave Loop
isolation, inner peace, escape, self-convention, hibernation, meditation, contemplation, self-discovery, ameliorative, indulgent, selfish, self-awareness, survival, weirdness. these and other reasons for following ld's instructions.
// experimental.abstract \\

Odd Nosdam - My Prayer Rug
i can see where you are coming from. i have shared your same eyes before, and that butterfly flew onto my chest with a sweet flap and careful kiss from her winged lips just as often as she cocooned in your soul. the steady haze here settles onto my heart bug and sweats beads of suggestion that seep into my pores until i can breathe only when the constant noise-synth pauses for speech and secret laughter.
// postrock.electronica.shoegaze \\

Ulrich Schnauss - Clear Day
who knows? with the sunshine this song glows and inside you are warmed by the second crescendo. a track for late cloudy mornings with your back to the window and a clutch of grey tea. slight boards of canada sound here, but with a mix of early moby. imagine a dance party on a moor, with thick fog enveloping the groove and the wet grass seducing our feet. bodies move in silhouettes and drip away as the drums fade into eight minute nostalgia.
// electronica.dreampop.newage \\

for a reconnection

for a retirement

for a regret

for a reason

inspiration, or
any regard
that inspires you to regard inspiration as unbearably inspiring.

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This post reminds me of The Books. Never a bad thing.