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Animal Collective - No More Runnin (Friendly Foliage Remix)
a very neat remix that takes the original track out of the swampy depths of a nawlunns backyard and into a fresh, sunny afternoon in a german garden. kompakt pay attention: this is our you keep a listener's attention, throw in infectious vocal snips and lace them threw a headspin beat. if any of you are familiar with the orignal version off of mpp, then you know how ghost like no mo runnin sounds. this is like some casper shit, happy and peppy, yet ethereal, it's not there but you can feel it and if you clasp at you'll get nothing but air. oh sweet air to breathe, if clouds tasted like this, then heaven would be a lollipop.

Joker - Snake Eater
is this dubstep? if james bond went a bit underground, fine. a hook that reeks of 60's charm from a smooth vigilante, guns blazing and his talk on fire. damn. this track just makes the four minutes feel so important. diffuse the bomb! drop the bomb! bomb the drop! bombtrack, bombtrack! break your knees.

i'm tired
so tired
of babysitting
of parenting
or supporting who cannot support
who will not return what efforts spent
it costs to live this friendship best
in your own worlds, fine, stay
this place is my escape,
it is my breath of fresh air
give summer heat or winter's seat
and if you suffocate me with silence
and idleness, reprehensible neglect,
then fly your own damn wings to rescue
mine are tired and breaking down
and id rather spend the energy
lifting those who lift me up
and cheer for the sheer joy of a smile.
with lots of love,
your friend,
your steed,
your practical and unrespected steal,
your king of bills and floating wheels,
to this i give a final plea:
wake. the fuck. up.

the love of my dreams
the less cheesy
girl of golden seas
too much?
my jewel of futures and frequent pasts
a necklace of peace i'd leave for you
and a promise of time
that'll make me wait
what a waste, what a feat!
but strength and strength some more
should be all we'll need

- tgrs

//mad respect for pdhw. check out his flickr on the sidebar, give him due love.\\


Put On Your Ear Goggles said...

Is the animal collective remixed by friendly fire or friendly foliage? because it shows up in my itunes as friendly foliage.

sareen said...

i like the juxtaposition of different tones in both passages.

sareen said...

also, plz post lyrics to FRIENDS thx.

toy said...

I get Friendly Foliage as well...but this remix makes me want to celebrate something.

Put On Your Ear Goggles said...

thanks! please do. I will likely do the same. I've been watching your blog for a little while and am glad you got your bandwidth back.

iinamorataa said...

The second photo looks like it was taken at the Westchester Airport.