April In Paris//tr-ttt-trying something new

I've decided to try out a new format for this space. Please bear with the changes.

Daniel Rossen - Waterfall
sometimes, i wish i could retain the magical curiosity of being a child. creating a world out of a back garden...and never leaving it, even in your dreams. it feels more often than not that the world of imagination is kept only for sleeping thoughts, or a drug-addled mental vagrancy...why the loss? why can we not see our surroundings with the vibrancy a child does? for her, a tree is a kingdom; for an adult, it is a gravestone. we cannot feel how we used to - instead, we only suffer shooting pains of memory, sharp tacks that hint at a realm of leafy possibilities but fall listless to the blunt retaliation of maturity.

Amen Dunes - Patagonian Domes
i have spent the past month more or less outside, walking down new paths, covering myself in sunlight and storms, gracing hills with bottles of beer and sharing green with greenery. i call my home 'the city,' the infinite curbside that streaks and twists like a river snake, it shakes a mighty head against fatigue and sinks metal teeth into the hearts of teenagers. but in this fresh air, i want instead to call my home 'the country,' where a guitar can sing with perfect ambiance, a crow can dance where people step, and an afternoon slumber can turn into a warm evening breeze. i don't want that which so many people crave; i don't want to go home.

The Big Pink - Velvet (Mount Kimbie Remix)
i am confused: i feel surrounded by creative people, persons of interesting output and considerations, yet consistently i am let down by their attention, support, and, most importantly, their passion. for some: why do you let yourself sing one tune, but practice life without ears? why do you paint self-portraits without any mirrors? why do you poison passion with suit treatment? creativity is marred by business - do not support the industry, support the people. for others: thank you for sharing.

Karen Ann - Where No Endings End
i want to spend my life with you. it is neither scary nor exhilarating to realize. it's simply true.

Friendly Foliage:
not only has he done the best remix of an
Animal Collective track to date, but he constantly puts out new tracks that give anyone on the SP-404 bandwagon a massive obstacle course of quality and originality to endure. He's got an uncanny ability to stretch one sample into a thousand of different sounds. But if you don't like introspective repetition, musical meditation and meandering melodies, then you won't dig this. I'm currently working on a remix for his track 'Javelin Capes,' which is set to be released as a single with a few other remixes in the next month. I'm torn between two versions: a Four Tet version with a clusterfuck of snaps and pops, or a Crookers bass-heavy dance jam.
free taste: Animal Collective - No More Runnin' (Friendly Foliage remix)

a sea of red rabbits:
a haven for vintage photography among the fad that has become vintage photography. the shot below sold the artist to me, and a similar warmth can be found in most of what she's posted. some of them are a miss - the warmth comes off not as homely, but as a blatant throwback, a problem common to every film enthusiast under the age of 30. but what fault i can only hint at, she rescues with a solid eye for beauty in familarity. still, best to ignore the cheesy taglines.

i'm looking for new music and art (as per usual) - send me stuff @ thegreatredsharkmusic@gmail.com i don't care about the style, so long as it's fly. so dust off those flares, and drop some tracks in my dropbox.

shameless plug:

i'm going to release an ep in July with remixes and covers from a few friends of mine in support of the latest single off of my debut album, 'Friends.' The Circus Love EP will be free to download, and will include (on my part) 'Circus Love,' a live version of 'In Your Arms,' and a brand new track. brap brrrrrap. check out the new single over at the necessary evil that is myspace.

So, there you have it, a completely new format for this "website." Lemme know if you think i should give it all up, keep up the pretense, or just go back to basics by posting some comments. Danke Schoen.

- tgrs


Kat David said...

I have no complaints about your new format other than the changing font sizes. It's hard on the eyes.

tgrs said...

a lot of it wasn't intentional; blogspot decided to crack out on me and i let it.

why 'David'?

toy said...

Now that the hotlinks work for me I am happy. :)

Kat David said...

It's easier for people to remember.