sub specie aeternitatis//"Only Our Love Have No Decay"

Belong - I'm Too Sleepy...Shall We Swim?
Dead Can Dance - Wilderness
Max Richter - Written On The Sky

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Spinoza believed in three different types of knowledge:

the first, a knowledge of particulars...of objects received and acknowledged by the senses;
the second, of universals...of ideas reached and understood through mental meditation.
the final instance of knowledge calls for a more engaged analysis of existence. Particulars and universals become minor footnotes under the study of a single moment of time and experience - if in this moment you see eternity. You must transcend sense-data and push through all limitations of the mind; after such, the murky depths of reality illuminate under the shine of an eternal resonance with Nature.

As we are conscious of a moment's eternity, so are we more in tune with ourselves, with Nature, and with our Universe.

So here you may find eternity if you look hard enough, think lightly, and imagine the entirety of existence coddled between our fingers.


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