let's sing something different//Those Seagulls Have Lost Control

Animal Collective - The Purple Bottle
Nine Inch Nails - In This Twilight (remix by Fennesz)
Modeselekor - The White Flash (feat. Thom Yorke)
Ryan Adams - Avalanche

// experimental.electronica.pop \\

this walk is starting to curve in curious directions; where am I headed, anyway? a scatterbrain pretending certainty under the facade of a serious digression, she said. well, if worse comes to better, then I'll ring in the new year with a glorious shout of a thousand bells harmonized with the grace of god and to the tune of hallelujah


i'm not sure
if it's leaving me
or if I'm letting go;
if this sleet has frozen my tongue
when all I want to show
are letters breathing in the snow.

Pulling away I
trip over my backsteps
gently, and fall forwards.
When gravity is upside down
and running heavy pace
against my weary cascading face.

I wasn't sure if we could dance
so I left my red shoes
under the secret garden's door.
I wasn't sure if i could trust,
and I was right to quietly hunch
that a secret conceived is a heartbreaking punch.


//photo by mb \\

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Toy said...

It was far too windy..