Ha Ha! Hoorah!//now can we go home?

Fink - Hush Now (feat. Tina Grace)
Julianna Barwick - Unt. 3
Phosphorescent - Wolves

// alternative.atmospheric.folk \\

At this hour in the night, I feel sympathy for my brothers-in-arms, my warriors of soul that turn their cheeks from the thought of fleeing.

He may hate that it is so, but whatever will be, is sure to be; for nothing else, if there could be, will be, so long as his heart stays in the graveyard of his memories. You must move on - there is nothing left for you at home. Your mother is crying, your father has disappeared; your brother and sister don't remember your face. An old lover may greet you with a comforting welcome, but I promise you any assurance she may give is worthless. The wind here is cooler, and I hope you can feel the breeze even with these gated windows shut. The sailing season is perfect on these waters, but no, the compass cannot show you the way back; forward, forward march, until the edge of the world is at your fingers!

Arrived? Set light to your vessel and walk on the crests of these endless waves. The coral can easily cradle any fall, and watch, as the dolphins happily mark your path. Sharks are not to be feared in this ocean, nor any looming storm, or a privation of all luxuries of land. This cliff is your cliff; it is loving, it is forgiving, it is comfortable. Do what you will.

- tgrs

// illustration by ks \\


Toy said...

I'm liking the new photo. I've had a couple of chilly train rides that have looked like that.

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