'a moment in and out of time'//T.S., Never Disguised

Richard Marlow - In Paradisum
Eluvium - I Will Not Forget That I Have Forgotten
Hammock - I Can Almost See You

// ambient.atmospheric \\

Who knew what that cat's scream really meant? When the shrill bite of her yelp reached the heavens and shattered a star's crystal shell, its pieces spilled from the celestial seat onto the alley this pained feline lurked. She raised her teeth to the bejeweled snow and bit down fast to taste the sweat of a mortal's god - in her eyes reflected the beauty of a crumbling universe and in her scream sang the dirge of a thousand lonely statues. Her fur, sable with night's cloak, glittered with the inundation of that holy shower, and this curious pet danced along to the pattering of stellar tears hitting concrete.

Oh, how graceful those paws waltzed! How wondrous that tail curled, pricked in time to the rhythm of cascading angels! Oh, you angels, hark not the tearing of evening's sheet, but praise the rain this cat has caused! This shower of prelapsarian innocence may finally curve the decay of our deprived souls, and we rejoice for it! How this sky does pour down like god's fountain, into the pillows of those asleep, into the eyes of those brave, into the souls of those wicked, into the heart of those insecure.

How peculiar, how frightening;
How strange, how comforting;

That force which sat so high above has lost to the calls of a cat in heat.


// photo by tv \\

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The_Syanpse_Account said...

I didn't know I had one of these. Just found it a few minutes ago. I'm into destruction. Destroy something for me?