Why Did You Have To Leave?//a madman's excuse for losing poker

Max Richter - Europe, After the Rain
Tosca - Session 1 "D-moll"
Bright Eyes - No One Would Riot For Less

// classical.dub.country \\

The sun is bright enough, but there are dark clouds in the distance. They threaten too much of our day, so we must go inside and listen to old records of dust and scratches. Albums that had more meaning when they sat in our attic than under spin, we played them to our hearts' content anyway. As that needle danced over black harmony I held your hand in front of our window, tighter, as the hum grew louder, and as our breath drew nearer, until we kissed in time with the final movement.

Then we walked outside in the rain for hours.

- tgrs

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Toy said...

heh...vinyl button.