announcing//'In Your Arms'

The Great Red Shark - In Your Arms
first single off of 'Friends.' sareen's remix of this track will be packaged with the digital download of the album. come back here next tuesday, the 17th of feb, to start ordering the full album in two ways: either the cassette version, which comes with full printed artwork and the digital download, or just the digital download itself. the cassette plays more like a mixtape, so the album sounds considerably different than the digi version. order either version on the right of this page.

Full 'Friends' Tracklisting:
1. Circus Love
3. Golden Girl
4. Devils Eyes
6. Nighttime Glasses
7. ILeftNY(rvs)
9. Curious
11. In Your Arms
12. Doggy (For Penny)

All artwork done by ks
All photos taken by pdhw

- tgrs

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iinamorataa said...

Fantastic! I'm very excited and quite proud of you for putting this together.