'FRIENDS'//so here it is

Please order all copies of the album through PayPal, on the right of the screen. If you happen to know me personally, you could just call me up and we can sort out something a little easier.

The full 'Friends' package is $5, and the digital download, with an exclusive remix, is $2. I'm not out to make money off of this, I just need to pay back the costs I endured to make the record, so if you liked the single I posted last week, or just want to support a fellow artist, or have some money in the bank to back your intrigue, then clickclickclicky on the PayPal thingy.

All these photos were taken by pdhw; again, much love.

I hope you all enjoy it; I've worked very hard on this project of mine, and I am very proud of what's come of it. Originally meant to be only a four song ep, 'Friends' grew into something that shadowed my own heart. I spent many nights alone in my studio dreaming of old memories and new beginnings, and I put sounds to my thoughts and words to my secrets. This is an honest record, and I have very little to hide anymore. Each song is dedicated to individuals who have changed my life, each a message of love and trust that has been built strong by years of struggling friendships. And as many of us now stand at crossroads, both personal and shared, I offer this diary as a proclamation of what I hold the highest faith in -

that maybe when all the crazy can settle
there will still just be a series of hands
warm with touch
to bind the past and future paths
we've lost to watches sick with plans
to feed the rush
and remind us all of what chances more
can keep us close, when distance threatens doors.

- tgrs


toy said...

Thank you for this beautiful album. :)

Also, the last passage of this post is one of my favorite things that you've written. It reminds me of the title quote in Eternal Sunshine. I'm not quite sure why. That's just the way it reads to me.


sareen said...

it made my commute to the Upper East Side way more tolerable this morning!

also, "Curious" is the beautiful sound of a man slowly losing his mind. i love it.

iinamorataa said...

I want the cassette with the artwork and download, but I don't trust paypal (I never buy things online). Can you reserve one for me?

toy said...

I miss your posting. More more! :)